45+ Creative Farmhouse Table Design Options With Rustic Style

A question that usually arises when furniture is been discussed is: how long will it last? This is a relevant question and I’m sure it’s one you’d also ask when contemplating buying anything, not just furniture. Inevitably this question will lead to another one: custom made or factory made furniture? Hey, just to remind you, the furniture in this case refers to farmhouse tables! There’s no denying the appeal of this country style table. It brings back the memories of the agricultural era in a... Read More »

40+ Rustic Farmhouse Table Options To Use In The Decor

If your kitchen is decorated in a rustic country or country farmhouse theme, nothing would be more complementary than a farmhouse table. These dining fixtures have influences from English and French culture, as well as the American colonial era. They are simply beautiful, stunning and well constructed; durable enough to suit a large family or a couple who enjoys entertaining. When choosing this style of seating for your kitchen, you can choose to go with a true antique or opt for a reproduction ... Read More »