20+ Outstanding Bohemian Dining Room Design And Decor Ideas

Interestingly enough, the largest Bohemian crystal chandelier hangs in a palace in Istanbul and weighs more than 4 tons. However, if you have a flair for this type of décor in your home, you can get a scaled down version without breaking the bank. Chandeliers in a wide variety of sizes and styles are very popular in homes all over the world. Whether for a formal dining room or to just add an extra light in a dark area, chandeliers for the home are budget friendly and add a great deal, both in te... Read More »

+45 Perfect Small Dining Room Table Ideas For Limited Space

Not everyone has a kitchen or dining room that you can fit a table for twelve into and still have room left over. Most of us don’t! So if you are like most people and need a new table that is still stylish and practical – not to worry. It’s always been said that best things come in small packages. And this applies to dining room tables as well. When you are shopping tables for your home, do you really know what you need? The great thing is that you can find the same level of quality and innov... Read More »