35+ Magnificent Ideas For Small Bathroom Storage Organization

Not all homes are equipped with large bathrooms that offer plenty of storage space. Yet the same supplies and products need to find a home even in a small bathroom. Here are a few ideas that can help you to keep your personal products within easy reach while at the same time adding a little sparkle to the décor of your bathroom:

Include your colorful towels in the décor by rolling them up and placing them in the curved bottle holders of a wine rack. The rack can be hung on the wall to avoid taking up floor space and keeps your towels within easy reach.
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Let your shower curtain play a dual role. A shower curtain with pockets not only adds to the décor of the room and functions as a wall to prevent water from escaping the shower, the pockets can hold items such as soap, razors, and sponges keeping them neat and within easy reach.

A dual shower curtain rod is a great way to hide a shower curtain with pockets – it will allow you to hang the pocketed shower curtain on the inside, keeping supplies within easy reach, and a decorative shower curtain on the outside adding to the décor of the bathroom.